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Special Notice Re: Non-LVCA AGM Flyers

SPECIAL NOTICE. Someone is distributing their own flyers for the upcoming AGM. If it doesn't look like the one on our website, be advised it is not from the the Lynwood Village Community Association.


2012 AGM - Wed Sept 26 7pm

The Lynwood Village Community Association Invites you to their ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING

Wednesday September 26 at 7pm,
At the Lynwood Community Building, Located at 7 Sycamore Drive.

• Recap of the past year’s accomplishments
• Projects going forward
• Nominating and voting in new executive board

Your current community association:
Jen Samuel – Vice President & Interim President
Ron Tate - Secretary
Tanya Gillis –Treasurer
Jennifer Bleeks –Building Booking Contact
Jean-Luc Cooke - Webmaster
Val Susak – Director at large

Contact us at: