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Building Rental Information

The Lynwood Village Community Association runs two very popular programs here in our Community Building:  Coffee and Company and the very popular Bells Corners Yoga!

The building is also available for rent.  Details are as follows:

Rental cost:  $10 per hour

Insurance is required and the costs are as follows:

  • $16.20 for a one day, non alcohol event for 1 to 26 people 
  • $32.40 for a non alcohol event for a group of 26 to 100 people

If you are interested in serving alcohol at your event, you must purchase a liquor permit from the LCBO, which must be done several weeks prior to your event.  Please contact them directly for deadlines and rules and regulations.

If you have alcohol at your event, the insurance rates through the CIty for a one day event are as follows:
  • $54.11 for a group of 1 to 25 people 
  • $108.11 for a group of 26 to 100 people.

You can purchase the insurance through us at the same time as your rental booking.

Please contact us through the Lynwood Village Community Association Webpage at for more information

Also - We now have Air Conditioning!

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