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Winter Wednesday Socials 1-4pm

Wednesday Socials
For Adults in Bells Corners
1st and 3rd Wednesday afternoons 1 4 pm
Lynwood Community Building
7 Sycamore Street, Bells Corners 

Wednesday Socials 1-4pm

Wednesday Socials
For Adults in Bells Corners
Wednesday afternoons 1 4 pm
Lynwood Community Building
7 Sycamore Street, Bells Corners 


Saturday Oct 29 1pm - Annual Meeting

The Lynwood Village Community Association invites you to their:

Saturday October 29 at 1pm
At the Lynwood Community Building
Located at 7 Sycamore Drive


  • Recap of the past year’s accomplishments
  • Presentation of financial statement
  • Projects going forward
  • Call out to volunteers
  • Nominating and voting in new executive board
Your current community association:
Jean-Luc Cooke - President
Shannon Kenney - Secretary
Casey McGowan - Building Booking Contact
Jen Samuel - Treasurer

Contact us at:
  Visit us at:
  Find us on FACEBOOK:


Tue Sep 13 7pm-8pm - Rink Volunteer Meeting

Lynwood Park Rink Volunteers
Rink Rats and Ice Hounds Unite!

We are proud to announce that we have found a local resident to lead our rink maintenance efforts this winter!

Last year we had to reach far outside Lynwood Village and Bells Corners to find someone willing to put in the regular hours on the rink - and travel time was a huge burden.

But he cannot do it alone.  He needs help!

What's involved?
A volunteer will commit to one night per week in helping snow-blow, clear and flood the rink.  Approximately 1.5 to 2.5 hours.

Our rink boss ("M") will be leading the effort both in time spent and coordination.

A great rink needs volunteers to make it great.

Who do I contact?

Let's do this!


Inside the Lynwood Community Building.

The Lynwood Community Building was constructed in the 1960s, and includes:
  • Summer air conditioning and winter heating
  • Full kitchen (fridge, stove & range, sink, microwave, coffee maker and 40 cup coffee urn)
  • Bathrooms (Male & Female)
  • Chilled water fountain that can also fill water bottles
  • 10 folding tables, 50 chairs
  • Dark curtains for a little bit of privacy (meditation, yoga, etc)
  • Toddler play set for playgroup meet ups 
  • Flat screen TV and Over-The-Air antenna (CBC English & French, CTV, Global, TVA, also plays USB audio & video media)
Rentals are very reasonable ($20 for the first hour, $10 each additional hour) - contact us to book your next birthday party or event!


June 25th 11am-3pm: Family Fun Day

Lynwood Family Fun Day
June 25th 11am-3pm
Free Admission.  Non-perishable Donations to FAMSAC food cupboard requested.
  1. Free bouncy castle thanks to Casey McGowan Re/max Affiliate
  2. SnoCones, and Shriners clowns thanks to Dinakar VaisyaEdward Jones financial planner 
  3. Food Trucks (usual prices): T&T Fries and Ad Mere Seafood Trunk
  4. Lynwood Park Tennis Club has open tennis courts - "first-come-first-served" (ha!) wear white-soled shoes and appropriate cloths.
  5. Ottawa Humane Society will have some animals and an information table
  6. Yoga in the park will be run by the Bells Corners Community Yoga 
  7. Neighbourhood bosnian cultural dancers will put on a show
Back by popular demand - DJ Tristan Maack is playing music and welcomes an open-mic talent show for anyone who wants to share a song or talent.

Tell a neighbour about our mailing list (helps keep people in-the-loop) - they can sign up here.


Free Drop-In TBall & Soccer for Kiddies

Spread the word, and come out and play.

Once again, the LVCA is happy to announce some awesome neighbourhood parents to run weekly T-Ball and Soccer. These are drop-in games, so no prior registration or fees!

Wednesdays May 18 - June 22: 5:30pm-6:15pm Free Drop-In T-Ball for ages 4-7
Thursdays May 19 - June 23: 5:30pm-6:15pm Free Drop-In Soccer for ages 4-7

Our calendar:


Earth Week Bells Corners Promotion - Sat Apr23 9am-1apm

Fun day of learning for the whole family
Exhibits, Vendors, Food, Free stuff and Hands-on activities

Saturday Apr 23, 2016  9am-1pm
3955 Old Richmond Road  613-820-8103
Free Admission      Everyone Welcome

Exhibitors & Vendor
Blue Dot Ottawa, Recycled Natural Fabric creations, Fair trade coffee grounds, Training Support Dogs,
Hope for Orphans – Congo, Las Yahoskas – Nicaragua, Kiva - microfinance loans, Zero Building Waste,
Give your Computer a 2nd Life, Wildlife Diversity Paintings, Permaculture, Fairy Godmothers - making
teen girls' dreams come true and more...

Hand-on Activities
Plant exchange (indoor, outdoor, seeds, bulbs) bring something, take something home, Bike Taxi,
Milk Bag Crochet & Weaving, Upcycling Challenge (prizes), Recycling Challenge game, Make your own
Recycled Greeting cards, Family fun Pancake Breakfast (donation), Destination Imagination,
PopUp Swap: it’s a garage sale except everything is free, drop off and pick up

What to do before you come
Join the Upcycling Challenge (prizes), order a new rainbarrel or organic supplies, spring clean and bring
stuff you don’t need anymore, gather your e-waste, check the website for updates...

Satellite Locations
Centennial Public Library, Wild Bird Care Center and more ...

There are some great garden supplies available for purchase as well, the order form is available here:



Feb12 6-7pm: Free High Def TV Over-the-Air workshop

Free: Learn how to get free High Definition TV
Feb 12th 6pm-7pm

No, this is not a scam.  Many of the major networks broadcast high definition TV over-the-air here in Ottawa and nearly all TVs made in the past 8 years can get it if you have an antenna (CBC, CTV, TVO, Omni, as well as other English and French channels).  Also, some cable providers are now broadcasting similar signals over their cables.

This will be a quick workshop to

  • Show get these signals over-the-air and (cut the cord)
  • Demonstrate an inexpensive "converter" box with recording capabilities
  • Demonstrate a TV antenna
  • Take home will be a single page with references and resources for learning more about channels available and where to buy tuners (converters) and antennas (indoor/outdoor).


Hockey Day in Bells Corners

Hockey Day in Canada is Saturday Feb 6 - 1 week from now!

Lynwood and Westcliffe and holding join events on that day to celebrate.  Headlining the day are two events:
 - 10am: Westcliffe Rink: Lynwood vs. Westcliffe
 - 2pm: Lynwood Rink: Westcliffe vs. Lynwood

Games are NON-CONTACT, open to everyone, all ages, boys and girls.

Lynwood rink status is available at the Ottawa Rinks website and our facebook page.

See you there!


The Lynwood Village Rink is OPEN!

The Lynwood Village skating rink at Lynwood Park is now OPEN!

Please use it often, the more it is skated on the smoother it will get!

Check Rink Conditions here.

Happy Skating!