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Hockey Day in Bells Corners

Hockey Day in Canada is Saturday Feb 6 - 1 week from now!

Lynwood and Westcliffe and holding join events on that day to celebrate.  Headlining the day are two events:
 - 10am: Westcliffe Rink: Lynwood vs. Westcliffe
 - 2pm: Lynwood Rink: Westcliffe vs. Lynwood

Games are NON-CONTACT, open to everyone, all ages, boys and girls.

Lynwood rink status is available at the Ottawa Rinks website and our facebook page.

See you there!


The Lynwood Village Rink is OPEN!

The Lynwood Village skating rink at Lynwood Park is now OPEN!

Please use it often, the more it is skated on the smoother it will get!

Check Rink Conditions here.

Happy Skating!