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Inside the Lynwood Community Building.

The Lynwood Community Building was constructed in the 1960s, and includes:
  • Summer air conditioning and winter heating
  • Full kitchen (fridge, stove & range, sink, microwave, coffee maker and 40 cup coffee urn)
  • Bathrooms (Male & Female)
  • Chilled water fountain that can also fill water bottles
  • 10 folding tables, 50 chairs
  • Dark curtains for a little bit of privacy (meditation, yoga, etc)
  • Toddler play set for playgroup meet ups 
  • Flat screen TV and Over-The-Air antenna (CBC English & French, CTV, Global, TVA, also plays USB audio & video media)
Rentals are very reasonable ($20 for the first hour, $10 each additional hour) - contact us to book your next birthday party or event!