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General Meeting Minutes 2018-11-17

Date: 2018-11-17
Location: Lynwood Village community building (7 Sycamore Dr)

Board members:
  • Jean-Luc Cooke (President)
  • Alisha Lagasi (Tresurer)
  • Tafline Tong (Booking Director)
  • Shannon Kenney (Secretary)

  1. Introduction of community association board members
  2. The floor is given to councillor Rick Chiarelli to discuss recent activities in Bells Corners
    1. There will be in-community meeting (date& location TBD) on 2 new proposed housing developments (on top of the Loblaws and another beside the rail tracks along Stafford)
      1. Height - 20 stories and 8 stories;
      2. No timeline yet, but possibly beginning summer 2019; will be rentals and options to buy;
      3. Possible ramifications for trailer park: depends if owner in Alberta wants to sell.
    1. Marilyn: can we get wi-fi in community building?
      1. Passed a resolution requesting it from the city. Jenny at the city will look into it. Need to go through official channels to city wi-fi provider.
    2. Strange box with antenna on a post at Longwood and Ridgefield:
      1. Someone else had mentioned it to Jenny (City) and she'll update JLC when she has more info. Possibly an external utilities pole.
    3. Transit from DND to Bells Corners:
      1. at city council will make the independent transit commission a committee of council as transit changes in BC are necessary.
    4. LRT phase 2 is delayed by 3 months
    5. Phase 1 delay due to:
      1. mechanical issues, falling cement, water in stations, software to model light rail is crashing + subject to hacking attempts
    6. DA Moodie campus (Marilyn): on NCC land.
      1. The school board hasn't declared the property surplus and won't sell it yet, because it falls on Anishnaabe land and there are a number of legal hurdles for the property. For the time being, it's still in the possession of the school board. 
  3. Tafline had to leave the meeting early. She will continue in her role. Marilyn offered to help, but it's best if one person does it so no communications are lost.
  4. JLC: rink maintainer is back, he's done it for 2 winters.
    1. will set up a text message chain for help when he's flooding the rink.
  5. JLC: There will be a park event in the spring (Fun Day?) to open the new park 
  6. Tristan to join board as director of communications (to help with our FB, email list, webpage)
Additional Questions from the floor:
  1. Marilyn: how to book the space : send email via the Contact Us page accessible from the webpage (
  2. We could put up a poster in the building on how to book the space
  3. Regular tenants: Bosnian dance group, BCCY, Girl Guides, Nursery school
    1. LVCA manages the building bookings to keep costs down for residents
    2. Would like to plan a winter family fun day but need volunteers. Past events have included: hot chocolate, chili cook off, Xmas party with movie
  4. Tristan: will do more collaborations with Westcliffe in the future to pair the resources 
  5. Mention of Wednesday afternoon socials (open events for residents)

Board position elections
  • Tristan: elected Director of Communications
  • Tafline: re-elected Booking Director
  • Shannon: will remain in contact with the board until park project is completed but in a limited capacity 
  • Alisha: re-elected as Treasurer
  • Jean Luc: re-elected as President
  • Grant Stein joined as Secretary / Director at Large
Presentation of Financials (can link to separate document with Financials)

Action Items:


Park Renovation Update

Ahead of our AGM meeting (Saturday Nov 17 4:00-5:30pm) we have these photos of the renovations to share.

The concrete balls you see below will be painted in the spring (it's too cold to do that now).

There is a blank concrete pad where a S-shaped curved bench will be installed in early December.


Councillor Debate Thu Sep 27 7-9pm

All Candidate Debate
College Ward City Councillor
Thursday September 27th

Westcliffe Community Centre
681 Seyton Dr, Ottawa, ON

  • 7:00-7:30pm Meet and Greet candidates
  • 7:30-8:30pm Debate
  • 8:30-9:30pm Meet and Greet candidates

Brought to you by
Westcliffe Estates and Lynwood Village
community associations

Non-perishable food donation to our
local food cupboard is appreciated. 


Lynwood Fun Day June 16 2018

Family Fun Day
Lynwood Park, Bells Corners
Saturday June 16, 2017
11:00 am to 4:00 pm
(click to download flyer)

Come join us for fun free activities with your neighbours!
Admission: Non-perishable food donation to FAMSAC
 Tennis - Free illustrations on PixabayFree vector graphic: Balloons, Birthday, Party, Event - Free Image ...Food-Truck-2017_2-300x261.png

  • Bouncy Castle for the young at heart
  • Food Trucks for the hungry
  • Tennis Courts open to all (white soled sneakers please) 
  • Bells Corners Community Yoga fall session information 
  • Music
Brought to you by the Lynwood Village Community Association       social_facebook_box_blue.png/lynwoodbellscorners


Kiddie T-Ball 2018

FREE Summer Kiddie T-Ball
Lynwood Park - Open to all
Appropriate for ages 3-6 years

Brought to you by the Lynwood Village Community Association and the dedicated parents volunteering their time to coach the kids.

 SOCCER in Lynwood Park
with Coach Heather
Thursday evenings 5:30–6:30pm
May 16 – June 20
Bring a glove if you have one!
Parents must remain and are expected to assist.

Kiddie Soccer 2018

FREE Summer Kiddie Soccer
Lynwood Park - Open to all
Appropriate for ages 3-6 years

Brought to you by the Lynwood Village Community Association and the dedicated parents volunteering their time to coach the kids.

SOCCER in Lynwood Park w/ Coaches Michal and Kinga
Wednesday evenings 5:30 – 6:30pm
May 16 – June 20
Bring a soccer ball if you have one!
Parents must remain and are expected to assist.

Wednesday Socials Spring 2018

Wednesday Socials

FREE for Adults in Bells Corners

Lynwood Community Building 7 Sycamore Drive, Bells Corners

Starting April 11th to June 20th
Wednesdays 1 – 4 pm

Come join us!

Music, Crafts, Cards, Board Games and Group Exercise

Spring Sessions will include:
  • Share tips on getting your Garden ready
  • Clay play day
  • Visiting Local Attractions

For more information please call Marilyn 613-726-1700
People with disabilities are welcome, please call Marilyn in advance.


Comments please: Lynwood Park Project

As introduced at our Annual General Meeting a few weeks ago, we are seeking feedback from the community on the planned park improvement for Lynwood Park.

See the PDF linked below for more detail.

The plan is to have trees and many curved park benches added along the path off Ridgefield as well as some "tennis ball" styled seats which children can climb on.

Please submit your feedback using this google form before March 31st 10:00pm


Key Info to Fight Crime

Contact Numbers

In an emergency such as a crime in progress (examples include: gun shots, theft, and domestic violence).  Call 9-1-1 immediately - time is of the essence.

Neighbourhood Watch Signup Form

Fill this form out and send it to to join the Bells Corners Neighbourhood Watch.

Home Security Cameras

On Monday February 5th 2018 - the police presented to the public and the question came up about home security cameras.  Sargent Keen said they help a lot.

Local Bells Corners business RB Computing recommends these devices - be sure to chat with the sales staff to make sure you have everything you need.

They can run online, offline, wireless or wired and from a smartphone app.

Please consider supporting a local business in your purchase.


Mon Feb 5 - Bells Corners Neighbourhood Watch Info Session

Monday February 5th 7pm-9pm at College Catholique Franco-Ouest

Saturday March 3rd - Lynwood Village General Meeting

Mark the Date: Sat Mar 3 :: 3:00-5:00pm

About once per year we hold an annual general meeting to discuss the past year's activities and next year's planned activities. This is a chance to hear about what we have planned for 2018 and meet your neighbours.

Our hope it to have someone from Ottawa Police Services and the city councillor's office present to answer questions.

We are looking for community members to join our board - it's very informal and helps us organize events through the year making a difference in our community.

Where: Lynwood Park building (7 Sycamore Dr)
When: Saturday March 3rd 3:00-5:00 pm

Please come and meet your neighbours. Coffee and refreshments will be served.


Lynwood Rink will be Open Friday School PA Day!

Lynwood Rink will be Open Friday School PA Day!

Our very hard working rink maintainer "M" and his super-sidekick Bryan have been flooding and working the ice and expect the rink to be open for tomorrows PA/PD day with a new addition: a skating path around the Lynwood Park play structure! So much fun!

Keep checking here for the latest status throughout the winter.


Help by Reporting Crime in Bells Corners

With the recent flurry of crime in Bells Corners, may of us are wondering what we can do to help. Here is the response to this question from Ottawa Police Services community liaison to the Lynwood Village Community Association:

  • If you were able to assist Ottawa Police Service in sending out a message to residence in the area about reporting crimes and suspicious activity to the police.  Reporting incidents to the police is important and provides us with the information needed to identify crime patterns and assists us in addressing crime in the community. 

    Attached is the Ottawa Police Service Contact Us webpage that provides information on how to report incidents to the Ottawa Police Service.

Let's all remember that an active and caring community is a safe and healthy one!